April 16


Council set to sweeten Alamodome deal for Talons

Six months ago, when City Council approved an Alamodome licensing deal for San Antonio’s new arena football team, optimism ran high.

Arena league commissioner Jerry Kurz surveyed the San Antonio market and predicted that the Talons – a franchise that had relocated from Tulsa – would draw 14,000 fans a game and capture the hearts of local sports enthusiasts. Talons majority owner Jason Lohe was so bullish on SA that he had decided to move his businesses – Revolutionary Sports Inc. and Gameplan Wealth Acquisition Partners LLC – here from California, so he could better monitor his team’s progress.

A month into their maiden season in San Antonio, however, the Talons’ home attendance has averaged only 5,400, and Lohe has sold off his majority interest in the team to local investor David Lynd. With cold reality splashing them in the face, the team’s owners have requested that the Council sweeten the terms of the Alamodome deal, and while it will likely help the team meet its payroll, the proposed new agreement will also mean less revenue for the city.

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