April 17


Abbott in Camelot?

Late last month, Representative Ruth Jones McClendon made good on her promise to seek an opinion from the Attorney General regarding trash service in the City’s ETJ.

McClendon’s request was prompted by the slow-motion decay underway in Camelot II and her neighbors, where absentee landlords and the foreclosure crisis (and a dysfunctional JP office) have resulted in unsecured abandoned buildings and a trash-collection crisis. No government mandates solid-waste service in the area, which is outside city limits but within the Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction of San Antonio. So paying for collection is left up to the owners and tenants, many of whom opt to dump their waste in alleyways and the garages and carports of empty homes. The County ponies up for a sweep when the situation reaches a crisis point, which has cost them more than half-a-million dollars in the past five years.

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