April 19


Grisham's tax dance

Monday night’s Northeast Neighborhood Alliance candidate forum offered the now-familiar spectacle of Texas District 25 Senate candidate Dr. Donna Campbell sending a surrogate in her place, and offering the excuse that the physician, a Tea Party favorite, couldn’t get away from her emergency-room work duties.

Campbell’s Emergency Room Strategy has been obvious since the final weeks of her Republican runoff campaign against incumbent Jeff Wentworth, and it begs a serious question: If Campbell can’t take time away from work to meet with the voters of District 25, how will she find the time to fulfill her duties during the demanding 2013 legislative session? Campbell campaign rep Jon Oliver says Campbell used up most of her days off during the first half of this year, and says she’ll be able to do the same when the legislative session rolls around in January. Presumably, all bets are off if we have a special session.

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