April 17


Monte Vista takes its fight to the schools

Monte Vista is the reason I live in San Antonio. When I moved here in 1988, under duress, my parents were living in an all-beige exurb on the northwest side. A single cactus in every yard; a chlorine-blue pool for every subdivision. The people I met two-stepped at strip-mall honky-tonks like Denim 'N Diamonds and occasionally camped with hairdryers and makeup at Canyon Lake (motto: taking the 'wild' out of 'wilderness'). With a different soundtrack, you could have filed it under Anywhere USA, and I couldn’t wait to move Somewhere Else.

Then I was introduced to Monte Vista's southern fringe, where well-scuffed Tudor and Italianate houses were home to a hodgepodge of Trinity, SAC and St. Mary's hopefuls and artists (and the entire cast of NIMH).

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