April 24


Weekly Roundup: Feb. 26- Mar. 3, 2012

Greg Jefferson told you how SAISD board President Ed Garza eased Superintendent Robert Duron out of the picture. The former mayor drew on the lessons of his politically costly ouster of City Manager Terry Brechtel in 2004.

Jefferson also explained why Austin Congressman Lloyd Doggett is the odds-on favorite in the new Congressional District 35 – if the latest lines hold up in court. He also visited a fundraiser for Democrat Delicia Herrera, who's competing against Justin Rodriguez for the Democratic nomination in Texas House District 125; she's benefiting from the support of restaurateurs and developers who are less than thrilled with Rodriguez's votes on Council.

Gilbert Garcia reported on the ongoing standoff over how bond money will be spent at Burbank High School. He also examined how the latest interim maps will impact the plans of former Congressman Ciro Rodriguez, Tax Assessor-Collector Sylvia Romo, and newcomer Patrick Shearer, all three announced candidates in Congressional District 35.

Elaine Wolff filled you in on newbie Councilwoman Leticia Ozuna's decision to dump District 3's controversial rep on the Cultural Arts Board.

Ben Judson argued that "those fighting for the preservation of our historic buildings, and our unique sense of place, should abandon their all too often reactionary opposition to zoning changes and new development."

Jade Esteban Estrada caught up with Larry Ricketts, who's seeking the Democratic nomination for sheriff for the fifth time.

Top Chisme included the first word on the Gabe Velasquez kerfuffle and Manuel Medina's attempts to stuff the ballot box at the Stonewall Democrats' recent endorsement meeting.

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