April 18


The Urestis' family way

Illustration by Jeremiah TeutschIllustration by Jeremiah TeutschCarlos Uresti never gets tired of watching The Godfather.

By his own estimation, the Democratic state senator has seen the Mafia epic at least 50 times, and his downtown law office is a bit of a Godfather shrine. There’s the portrait of Al Pacino as Michael Corleone, purchased by Uresti on a trip to South Padre Island. There’s the framed movie still, which Uresti found in Las Vegas, of an enraged Corleone about to fire his pistol in the middle of a restaurant. Then there’s the collage of images from the movie, including a picture of Corleone in military uniform.

“He was a captain in the Marines, and I was too,” Uresti says softly. “I think there’s a connection there.”

Uresti’s love of all things Pacino is so potent that he’s still gushing about having breakfast earlier in the day with Pepe Serna, the actor whose character in Scarface had the bad fortune of getting separated from his limbs in a shower stall by a chain saw.

When Uresti watches The Godfather, he sees a story of family loyalty and commitment, albeit framed within the context of organized crime.

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